It was difficult to believe that I hadn’t just imagined what Edward had said, and the way his eyes had looked. Maybe it was just a very convincing dream that I’d confused with reality. That seemed more probable than that I really appealed to him on any level.


happy 29th birthday, nerd

I feel so weird bc I know they are worst thing in the world and my life doesn't depend on them to be a good life, i'm happy, etc.. but I can't stop being sad about rk :( This will pass but I hope it would be more quick


Don’t feel bad for being sad and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not right to be feeling what you’re feeling. 

Yes, it’s not our lives and to be honest we shouldn’t be this involved in a relationship that it’s not ours. But we are. We’ve been involved for years now and in one way or another it became part of our lives. It’s not wrong to be feeling sad for seeing something like this happening. 

You know what’s the worst thing for me? Not having answers to all the questions that I have in my mind right now. Because tbh? Nothing of this makes sense to me. Not even a single bit of sense.

I’m not going to be an hypocrite and say that as long as he’s happy I’m happy as well because seriously I’m not happy about this. If he’s happy good but I’m not going to pretend something that I don’t feel.

Now I bet there are going to be people reading this and saying that I’m not a real fan but lol? you don’t have to agree with everything your “idols” do and I honestly don’t agree with this. I’m not going to be one of those people sending hate to the girl but also don’t expect me to reblog anything related to her.

And as I said before there are a lot of things that don’t make sense in this story so I’ll just wait and see what happens next but you can be sure of one thing: no matter what happens I’m not going to stop shipping them, I’m not going to stop reblogging things about them as a couple and also I wont stop believing in them.

Before I shut up I just want to leave here one of my favorite quotes that I think it’s pretty important right now: "Two people don’t have to be together right now, in a month or in a year. If those two people are meant to be, then they will be together somehow at sometime in life."

In my opinion I still think that Rob and Kristen are meant to be and this is just another bump in the road. At the end of the day they are it for each other and once things are good again we’re going to look at this and think “so much drama for nothing…”. 


My Favorite Taylor performance.


"Safe and Sound"- Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars (Live)



so many of you have changed your icons and urls and i really don’t even know who half of you are anymore i just go with it


Taylor Swift + black (2014)

Taylor’s really beginning to take to mama swift


Kristen Stewart socks

If a picture paints a thousand words, what are you doing in that picture?

"I’m drawing myself into being and filling in the colors as I go."

acting: "lauren stared intently at the camera"

…I left my scarf there at your sisters house and you still got it in your drawer even now…